Linking parts

Quick question. I have a part 1, part 2, part 3 to part 8 of something that are musical clips from a TV documentary.

How do I link the parts to show the Works are connected?

I know how to make a single Work and call them parts of that work, but I think this is just separate clips from a TV show so it is not really pieces to be performed as a whole.

I am trying to find a neat way to say “there are eight parts to this”

You could create a (numbered) series of recordings :grin:

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Series doesn’t really cut it. If I am going to do that, I might as well make a fake Work to make them all parts of. I am trying to find a Work level way of connecting them.

They are not really part of a whole, as they are part of a TV show. I think this is someone recording the incidental music from the documentary purely because Roger Waters wrote it.

Thanks for confirming that haven’t actually missed something. I was hoping the Classical editors may come up with something I am not seeing. I’ll probably go with making an overall Work for the TV show and use that to link.

you could look at Relationships see if there is a way that would make senses to link them that way.


It was Work relationships I was trying to make sense of. This is why I threw the question in here as I hoped a classical editor would have an answer. There does not seem to be a relationship that says “this is part 1 of 8” or “these are the other seven linked parts”.

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If you dont get an answer I would think adding a Disambiguation for them saying it is part _ of 8. That way people can at least go looking for the other parts. Up to you tho sorry i can not be of much help.

The disambiguration option would not point to where the other parts are.

I think I will just make an overall Work to then wrap them in as parts. In this case the full Work is a TV Documentary so it would not be a large deviation from reality. Though some could argue that the “full” work is only a list of musical sections.