Link a Discogs page that is not a release

Hello there. Is it possible to link a series to a discord page ? Currently, i can’t 'cause it’s… a series and not a release.

What is a discord page?
Can you paste an example link, here?

Discogs. Sorry for the mistake

I think I have already linked MB series to Discogs label many times, isn’t it possible any more?

Example: NEXUS MASTER PIECE 1500 - MusicBrainz

I try this url “” as external link and get this
“This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted.”
and the only link type is discogs

This looks like a blog post about “my favourite albums”, not like an official series.

Yeah. Perhaps. But the question is still valid. Discogs links are only available for release or label ?

MB links to Discogs database entities (label, artist, master, release), not to these digs.
I’m not sure we should, as it looks like some kind of blog where some people give their top 10 of this or that kind… :thinking:

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I’m not going to add this series but allowing a discogs page to be linked for something else than release/master/label might be useful ?

I have no problems linking a MBs Series to the corresponding Discogs Series. Série Parade - MusicBrainz. What you try to link is decidedly not a Series