Limited editors can edit instruments?

As far as I can see should not have been possible.
Interestingly there is also no way to remove that relationship.

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a few more

They can’t edit instruments, but any editor can add artist-instrument relationships, because they can add artist relationships.

Odd, it’s showing on but not on … so it doesn’t appear any editor can remove it.

edit: same problem at — so it seems that the editor is failing to display artist-instrument relationships :frowning:

So, no one can remove these relationships? Not even instrument editors?

I can! Sorry, was summiting and forgot submitting.


So, the Edit-person tab doesn’t show the “invented” relationship for me because I don’t have access to edit/remove that relationship?

But it does show it for you?

So the bug here is that regular users have access to create “invented” relationships, and not that regular users can’t delete/edit them?

Or, to rephrase the question:

Is this “regular users can create Artist-Instrument relationships but not delete them” situation the way you want things to be? Or is it just an unfortunate consequence of the current schema or other technical constraints? Or a bug/mistake that may be relatively easy to fix?

Once again, someone else is more eloquent than me. :grin:

It can only be removed from the instrument side, which you don’t have rights to edit. But by a subproduct of our edit system, this is possible to add from the other side, which everyone can edit. Not sure what a good fix would be without making it impossible for people to also add a future “X mostly plays violin” relationship though, which we do want to add.

Well, we’d want people to be able to edit that “X mostly plays violin” relationship too—so if those two work the same way, somehow that needs to get fixed.


No - the reason this specific relationship can’t be edited is because of cardinality (the same that makes, say, most artist-recording rels not to show in the artist edit page, because there’d be too many to use properly). That said, I think it’s probably fine to change the cardinality for this, because one artist usually doesn’t invent enough instruments to make this a problem, and obviously it doesn’t help avoid people adding this relationship anyway so we might as well make removing it easier…


I made sure with @CatQuest since he’s the instrument don, and then changed this so it’s editable by anyone on the artist side. Can someone who is not an instrument editor like we are make sure it worked? :slight_smile:


The two in this thread have already been removed (your edits were approved), so I went and looked for some more: doesn’t show it on the edit tab, but that’s a label not artist (so maybe it needs fixing there too)

I couldn’t find another artist invented instrument already present, so I went ahead and added — that one appears to work for me. (Edit, later found which works for me too)

So seems you fixed artist-instrument inventor, but need to fix label-instrument inventor.


Whoops, I completely forgot this existed! Fixed