Lil’ Louis: Give It Up - MAW Club Mix

After doing some research based on the remix Give It Up - MAW Club Mix, (where MAW stands for the remixing artist Masters at Work) I merged artist Rain: A Lil’ Louis Painting into Lil’ Louis.

See the artist aliases on Discogs for confirmation.

The song appears on King Street Playlist, Heavenly Disco 2, Give It Up and Promo Only Underground Club: August 2000, none of which are yet found on MusicBrainz.

Now I’d like to update the “Also performs as” line. Where is the edit page for that? I don’t find it.

You are about to delete it if you are now merging this artist and his performing name.

Click on the Marvin Louis Burns name at the top of that page
Hit EDIT and now you will see this:

And you would add Rain: A Lil’ Louis Painting to that list.

BUT if you are merging them, you can’t do that as post merge Rain will not exist.

Generally if someone performs as different names they get separate artists like is currently in the database.

OR if they just keep renaming themselves but is mainly known under one name, then the Aliases are used and everything is mashed into the one page.

Maybe you don’t really want to merge here? If you are trying to mirror the Discogs credits, you don’t want to merge.

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Okay, I cancelled the merge edit and assume the artist intends his Rain: A Lil’ Louis Painting persona to be credited. I also updated the performance name page by adding the legal name relationship.

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That seems logical to me. When someone performs under a lot of names like that, each one is a separate artist. You have a useful example there of how they link up. This matches how Discogs does Aliases. MB has an Artist for each, linked back with a relationships to the Real Name

Sometimes an artist keeps a single identity, but performs with the odd alternate name or spelling. Or started out with a different name. In those cases you’d just use a “Artist as credited:” and rename them for just a few tracks. Those tracks then still appear under that artist. That is more like the ANV of Discogs.

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Next, I added the release of which I have track two:

The entry is copied from the Discogs release page, because I don’t have the actual CD.

Now I’m facing three issues, need help here.

The album was released by Promo Only. On Discogs, Promo Only has various sublabels for its series. For example, Underground Club is the series this album belongs two. So the question is, should this be a label on MusicBrainz, too, or a series? A search shows that others have entered series.

The track is titled Give It Up (MAW Long Version) but is titled Give It Up (MAW club mix) on other albums. Should this be made clear with an alias?

For the release title I followed the example at Discogs. However, I think based on the cover, “Promo Only” is not necessarily part of the title. I see these two alternatives:

Underground Club: August 2000
August 2000

I think the titleing also depends on whether you consider “Promo Only Underground Club” to be a seperate label or not. If yes, then “August 2000” is the title. If not, then “Underground Club: August 2000” is the title.

1\ That is up to you. Adding the new Series would be helpful to others. As you have spotted, some of this label already has some Series setup that you can use as a pattern to follow. But as this would be a series of just one you don’t need to worry.

2\ Adding an Alias to the recording can be useful. Generally we give the recording the name it is known as on the first official single\album release by the artist. Then alias the other options.

3\ With the title, I’d follow the pattern of other releases on the label. The text is all prominent on the cover. Promo Only: Underground Club, August 2000

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