Licensed relationship

This release:

Has the following credit:

℗2023 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Geoffrey Downes and Christopher Braide under exclusive licence to Spirit of the Unicorn Music.

Is there a away to add this? I can set the ℗2023 for each track to Downes and Braide, but there’s no licence for labels to recordings. The licence relationship for the release can be made, but then it says “licensed from Spirit of the Unicorn records”.

There is also a “licensee for / licensed to” relationship between release and label. I think that does what is required for this case.

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The only release-recording relationship that comes up is sampled from/by.

Sorry, that was of course between release and label.

Yeah, and that one is the wrong direction; they’re licenced to the label, but the relationship says licenced from.

There are two separate relationships, licensed from and licensed to: