Lecture-Recital: appropriate to add works relationship?

Andras Schiff has given a series of lecture-recitals on Bethoven’s piano sonatas,
"Schiff on Beethoven"

Is it appropriate to add works relationships to them?
I am guessing that an annotation “lecture-recital” is called for?

(Also; how would I find other lecture-recital releases in the db? I’ve tagged the above release “lecture-recital” but that seems the only clear flag of this release’s form.)

humour: I hope I’ve got the “i” into every case of “recital” above.

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lectures are very much “works”. And you’re right, tags and annotations are currently the best way to identify them.

I think a work type would be the best way to capture this. That type doesn’t currently exist, but is on a long list of potential work types that we brainstormed into existence at one point.

I don’t know if that list (or anything on it) will ever become official, but maybe it will at least inspire the folksonomists out there.

edit: While typing this, I remembered why I’m not very excited about that list. It’s because work types as they are currently implemented are “choose only one”.


I’d be very happy to see that changed eventually, if someone agrees to work on it.

While not a solution for this as such, I do wonder if this release should be marked Spokenword or something like that?

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I was trying to think of a broad secondary release type that could be added. “Education” or “Instructional” or something?

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Lectures are often improvised or at least not identical if given twice. Same lecture isn’t performed by multiple persons. Instead of using works I would consider using events to store this data. We could add a type “Lecture” for events. We already have quite similar type Masterclass/clinic.


Since (IIRC) Schiff plays musical extracts of the original works in his lectures, linking to “partial live” works seems appropriate.

I added some years ago Cortot’s lectures also mixing explanations (spoken vocal) and themes played at the piano:

Using your tag on these two releases might be useful (even if “recital” might not be the most precise, masterclass may be better?)

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