Labels KOCH: Isn't there something wrong?

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I think there is something wrong with the KOCH labels:
There are some labels in the KOCH family and there are some discrepancies.

On we have

  • LC 05680 for “KOCH-RECORDS”,
  • LC 01207 for “KOCH INTERNATIONAL - KT” and
  • LC 10535 for “KE USA” (I guess, “KE” stands for “Koch Entertainment”, the mother of US “Koch Records”?).

“KOCH International” (Austrian label) has a Wiki-Page for “Koch Entertainment” (by Wikidata), but I think this is not correct.

There are two independent label families: The European (founded by Franz Koch) and the US (founded by his son, Michael Koch).
The US label was then renamed to E1 Music, later to eOne Music (Entertainment One), and the labels are now part of Hasbro.

The European label is now part of Universal Music

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Anyone is free to inspect the edit history.

The original source of the MusicBrainz LC code is Discogs. If it’s wrong, anyone is free to fix it.

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