Label to Label Code: 1 to 1 relationship?

Am I correct in thinking that a label code applies to only one label?

I ask because I just found this when searching for “Teldec”:

Am I right in thinking these should be merged?

I was prompted to search because the disambiguation on the first one is not correct. I have a release with LC 03706 that uses the “T in triangle” logo. I was about to remove the disambiguation, then thought I’d better search first.

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Maybe it’s true that a label code (LC) can belong to only one label, but maybe not.
I think nobody knows. :smiley:

And also, many releases have several labels but they will always have only one LC.
So it is likely that the LC can end up assigned to several of these distinct labels, because who knows which label it applies in all cases.

So I wouldn’t necessarily merge, only because same LC. :wink:


No. On Discogs Groups - Labelcodes (which is over 16 years old) there is at least one EU label code shared between multiple labels.


Okay, thanks. I’ll leave them alone. There’s very little info in the second label, though.

I think I’m going to change the disambiguation on the first one. I’ve found a couple, including the one I have in hand, with that LC and the “T in triangle logo.” Actually, now I’ve found several. Seems many of the classical albums under that LC use the triangle logo.

In any case, these two labels should be merged! Those releases with images/Discogs link are clearly TELDEC releases.

Usually a TELDEC Classics release should use LC 6019, that’s what’s reportedly registered, but there are obviously many releases with LC 3706 printed on it:
LC 6019 is found on 945 TELDEC Classics releases on Discogs
LC 3706 on 230 releases…

However, I don’t think the name of the label was a good choice. Wouldn’t ‘TELDEC Classics’ be more appropriate. 'T in triangle logo since 1992’¹ could be disambiguation.

EDIT: ¹) the triangle logo seems to appear since approx. 1990 …better 1992


No doubt about that, they are the same.

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Edit #90170426

I said I’d leave them alone, but you’ve convinced me. It’s not just the LC — there’s very little distinguishing information in the less populated one. It only has a few releases, and those that have cover art show the same logos that appear in the other one.

Thanks for the advice, everyone.


Thank you!
If you can improve the disambig and capture anything you’ve learned in the annotation that would be amazing - then the next generation doesn’t have to revisit this when the next duplicate is created :grin:

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