Label Question & Place of Use

This question is one I intended to ask @fmera , but I think this is a better way to do it. When viewing other places, such as the ISRC database and iTunes files, the “label” used is not always the label MB wants. That topic I do not wish to ask or discuss here.

My question is… what shall, or can, we do with that information? The names/titles applied to the containing fields include, specific examples, “Vendor”, “XID”, “Release Label”, etc. As said above, I know that although that is either a match or close match to what MB asks for on the label entry field on the release page, it is not always the case, but could be only. Now, for others, me included, this information is the information wanted.

fmera has stated prior that there are other fields and relationships where labels can be associated with other areas, but in cases like this, the listed title is not a match to MB, so how would one know where to place them? I would make a guess as distribution, but that is a somewhat narrow minded thought and also is not always going to be the case.

This question may need some specifics for an example, so if this is the case, I will provide. I am unsure the knowledge of the usage of such things to all here, so I will leave it as just ask if you need more info to properly provide input. And to repair for clarity, this question is not at all regarding what to enter into MB for a release where it asks for label and catalog number. It is also worth noting that this question applies mostly to digital releases vs physical.

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Are you speaking about digital releases or physical releases?
IMO, for physical releases, we should include all visible labels on the package, booklet, mediums, stickers, etc.

Digital primarily. This question may apply to a physical release, so I do not exclude them, but focus is digital.

iTunes specifically seems to have © on their site (or used to at least, haven’t checked in a while and they keep changing things). If so, that goes as “copyrighted by” on the release level.

I have no idea what the first two even mean. The latest sounds like it should fit what we want, doesn’t it?

Ok, I can explain further.

iTunes lists the ℗ on their site I know for sure, along with who it is licensed to sometimes. The Vendor and XID refer to atoms in the metadata. XID = vendor supplied code. An example of the data might be “WarnerMusic:isrc:US23A1500057”. Vendor is, well, the vendor, like “Warner Music” for example. I would be happy to supply real data examples if anyone wants, but that is the format of the data in those atoms.

The third, Release Label, is used, for example, on the ISRC web site. It appears to resemble the Vendor / XID quite often, but not enough to be the same. None of the three examples match what MB wants as the label on a release, thus I disregard that field. I am trying to figure out where and how I can add the data. There are other places I have seen such data, for example in “copyright” which is obvious and “Publisher” which is not as obvious but also not as commonly used for such things.

On physical releases, it is clear that the logos are all important to the label listed. For digital there are no logos and the info used and listed is different. With digital, I basically always leave it blank as there is nothing that lists the label as MB wants to see it, but there is data there and that data is very useful… but MB does nothing with it. There is a lot more data there too, but I was just starting here. One of the others I think MB would be able to use is the NR/Explicit/Clean flag. Makes it real easy to know if explicit just by reading the atoms. That is another topic though.

EDIT: Here is an example I recently added data to.

In MB, someone used Atlantic as the label. Right or not, Atlantic is there. In the metadata, I have:

  1. XID – Warner:isrc:USAT21801395
  2. Copyright – ℗ 2018 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. A Warner Music Group Company

This release and recording are not listed on the ISRC site, so I cannot pull data from there, so I will need to locate another example for that. But you can see here, there is already a slight conflict going on.

For me, those I talk to, digital retailers, etc, that tells me the label is Warner, the ISRC is USAT21801395 and the copyright is with Atlantic. Issue is that MB uses different data for its label, so I would like to find a place for the information that applies to digital releases, such as what I listed here. Please note that the example provided is an iTunes file example.

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