Label name: Capitalization ("TELDEC" vs. "Teldec")

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I saw that the name of the label Teldec was changed from “TELDEC” to “Teldec”.

Basically I don’t care much about the capitalization and style of a label-name. However, I’m not very happy about such changes, because now I’ll get a lot of metadata-changes for my files.
“The label name should be represented as found on media sleeves, including use of characters from non latin charsets, stylized characters, etc.”

Doesn’t this mean, we should also keep the capitalization as it is printed?
For TELDEC all caps is the common way, e.g.
On Discogs the name is in caps ( Also on (

Since TELDEC is an acronym and it’s normally printed in capital letters (not only the logo but also in text), I think “TELDEC” is the better form.

Shouldn’t it be changed back?

P.S.: Also “Emi” would look a little little bit strange to me. :wink:


The All Caps isn’t systematic: all wikipedia/wikidata entries use “Teldec” (not “TELDEC”) and Discogs has a “TELDEC-Studio Hamburg”, but also a “Teldec-Studio Berlin”…
I don’t see good enough reason to change back to All Caps

Well, the EN-Wiki uses “Teldec” but the DE-Wiki uses often “TELDEC” (in caps) in the article. Even it’s not totally clear for me, why sometimes “TELDEC” and sometimes “Teldec” is used.

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IMHO TELDEC stands for “Telefunken-Decca Schallplatten GmbH”
(Source: linked Wikipedia page)

A quick google image search shows the label as “TELDEC”, not “Teldec”.

I’d prefer MB keep closer to the form used in the label imprint.
This would be more naive-user friendly.