Label help: Sony Japan

I’m filling out some details on the Japanese Charles Mingus and Friends release and I’d like some advice on what label to use.

There is an old annotation that lists the label as “CBS/Sony”, so “CBS/Sony (Japan)” is one choice. My hesitation in using this is that “CBS” doesn’t appear anywhere on it. (See my back cover scan.

Another option would be “Sony Records (Japanese imprint)” as the Sony Records name does appear on the back and spine. And looking at the listing for that label, the catalog number SRCS 7089-90 fits the format of other releases.

Any recommendations from the label conscious?

I took a look at the release, and all indicators (that I know of) pointed to Sony Records.
That annotation (which I removed in edit #50798714) is misleading; the Japanese CBS/Sony became Sony Records (the “CBS” header was dropped from the logo) on April 1, 1991.

I added the label and the catalog numbers in edit #50798708 and edit #50798709. The reason I split the catalog number into two instead of entering it as printed is because there are 2 discs in that release and there’s supposed to be a catalog number for each disc (hence the ranged numbers).

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