Label begin date: founded or established? (創立 vs 設立)

I’m trying to add this label to the DB but it lists two different dates, one for when it was “founded” and one for when it was “established”. I have no idea as to which one would be better to use for the begin date field.

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If I had to guess, the later date refers to the current incarnation of the company, whereas the earlier date refers to the original imprint or original company. I wouldn’t assume that the machine translation of those Japanese terms should be what’s discussed here, but rather the original Japanese terms.


Oh, I see. I don’t know those words and kanji so I had to resort to machine-translating it.
I guess in this case the later date does seem to make more sense so I’ll be using that one then. Thank you.

Edit: Nevermind, the first date seems more accurate since the first release on the label is from August 2010.