Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey - collaboration or group?

Usually i wouldn’t think twice if two names are printed in full on the cover. These are two separate artists who work together.

But there’s a problem: There’s enough information to be found on “Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey” and actually none at all on the individual artists - try Kristin Lash - Google Search. They have their website together, their social media accounts - you will find none for Kristin Lash or Jakob Grey (maybe their private accounts, but none as an artist).

I have decided to make them a group - “Kristin Lash & Jakob Grey”. Otherwise i wouldn’t have known what to do with the relationships. But I am by no means convinced of this solution and would like to hear opinions.

It would also be possible to use the shortened name “Lash & Gray”, mostly used but not on their release, and to suspect after their website -, neither on the next one.

I hope for suggestions!


I agree with your approach for an ongoing duet, especially one that has shared websites and social media. See also Simon & Garfunkel or Daryl Hall & John Oates for similar examples.


Honestly, i’m not sure if the project is going to last that long. They are young people and are currently successful…
At least they’ll have a second album - out Sep 24. :joy:

Very few duets last as long as Hall & Oates have. :slight_smile: When I said “ongoing”, I just meant longer than a single project.

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