Kri Samadhi and A Pale Void -- separate artist entries

There’s a guy Chris Johnson who uses the stage name “Kri Samadhi” for his Psychedelic Trance music and the stage name “A Pale Void” for his Ambient music. As I understand the current Musicbrainz practice/policies, this should be two different artist entries, one for each project. Someone else disagrees. Thoughts?

Not knowing more about the artist personally it’s hard to say, it’s not a clear situation.
I would be tempted to keep them seperate if it seems like the artist has used different names to specifically seperate different styles, which means it makes sense to do in MB as well.

This seems to be an ongoing question. Especially for computer musicians.

They should have been left separate. Notice the “these are three “empty” entries” comment though - was there any information on the artist to mention why they should be different? (annotations for example). I’d recreate them, but then add at least annotations saying “Chris Johnson’s trance project” and “Chris Johnson’s ambient project” or whatnot (and ideally some releases too) :slight_smile:


Well, yeah. You have to create an empty artist before you can add stuff to them.

And, since I have limited time to spend on Musicbrainz stuff, and because I didn’t think there was a deadline, I didn’t get around to adding stuff yet. It’s in my to-do list.

And of course there’s the whole “ask a person before you go destructively editing their contributions” thing.

I admit that I do not always have 8 hours to add all of the information for a release, but empty entries don’t delete for 3 days and it doesn’t take 40 musicians to make an album not empty.

I know it’s a bit scary when a experienced editor has put in an edit, but absolutely feel free to vote ‘no’ on edits like this :slight_smile:

That will usually prompt a response and discussion. When you are doing a lot of edits you can’t ask all the contributors every time, and most likely don’t imagine anyone will even notice!

If it’s because it’s been tricky keeping track of your subscriptions, then that just sucks unfortunately. If you think an editor is consistently doing something wrong/being over-zealous, and is being unresponsive when you ask them about it, you can report them.

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Not sure I’m understanding you here – are you talking about the auto-deletion of empty entries?
If so, that’s not really what we’re talking about here.
The auto-deletion thing only takes about 24 hours – I’ve been bitten by that a few times in the past.
And the entries that this thread is about weren’t empty enough to be auto-deleted.

I have learned to add new artists as part of adding a release.
This way it takes less time and I don’t create empty artists that I may forget to complete later on and that would end up being cleaned up for being empty, which I do understand and agree with. :slight_smile: