KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 & 2.5 HD ReMIX Original Soundtrack BOX

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I cam across this yesterday and it was (still is a bit) a mess. All of the tracks were placed into a single CD (almost 200!). So I went and I sliced everything up into the proper 7 CDs. Now if anyone has this, I’m asking you guys to submit the DiscIDs and fingerprints! Also, anyone more familiar with Kingdom Hearts should be able to tell us if any tracks need to be merged as well.


I’ve added DiscIDs for all discs except the first which requires that the edit to change the number of tracks be applied.


The first CD has been trimmed down now, though with the edit that I forgot to cancel instead of the one with the correct titles. :flushed: I submitted another edit to correct that.


Just added.


And here is the other album.


I don’t think it’s an issue here, but do be careful splitting large single-disc Square/Enix soundtracks, as they have been releasing several on bluray.

Now for this one I only find evidence of it being a 7 cd set, so that’s ok. KHWiki does say that there was a Japanese collector’s edition of KH2.5 that included a “bluray music disc”, but it does not specify what’s on it; if that had both soundtracks, that 200-track release may have been correct, except for the format of the medium.