King Records Co. Ltd. Japanese label not in any database? I picked up a 2 disc set produced by this company, Catalog number KICW 8257~58. No barcode despite being from what appears to be a rather large media company.

Discs are individually labeled KICW 8257 and KICW 8258.

I pointed Google Translate at one of the disc labels and it says it’s Masao Koga Masterpieces Best. 100th Anniversary of Masao Koga’s Birth. Unfortunately it’s not so great at translating the tracklist info in the booklet. I scanned the list and fed it to a few onlline Japanese OCR/translators, the results were, um, interesting. I very much doubt one of them is “I want to fu#k my wife.”. Anyone fluent in Japanese want to take a crack at it?

Doesn’t seem to be in any database. Windows Media Player gets the track names in Kanji when ripping but fills the tags full of ??? I tried Exact Audio Copy but it doesn’t even get the track names from GD3 or the other databases it uses.

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The barcode was most probably printed on the (removable) obi that you don’t have (second hand buy, probably).

Barcode for KICW 8257 should be 4988003296971 (you can check by searching the web).

For the label, what logo is on the spine?

For the tracklist, I can enter the release for you and you will submit the Disc ID.
Can you confirm the track count: 14+14?


@bizzybody, can you please send your two Disc ID to ?


Hi bizzybody, what follows is just a tangential experiment.
If you have Google’s Lens installed on a device could you share the results?
(I got surprisingly good results on bottle of Chinese flexible superglue.)

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Disc IDs submitted. Now I can tag the rip, though I can’t read Japanese. :slight_smile:

AcoustIDs also submitted.

Spine Logo is


in white on a tan background with K, T, and B having red, blue, and green background squares, respectively.

It has a lion with KING in a box on the back so should have KICW added to the list of valid catalog numbers.

Is that any different than the Google Translate app that can read text and replace it live in the camera view? It did well on the discs but for text in the booklet it produces some pretty nonsensical results.