Kellnerd's bookmarklet support thread

Most people probably only know my Guess Unicode Punctuation bookmarklet which has evolved into a userscript. Since I rarely heard feedback about my other bookmarklets (which have never been officially announced), I decided to start this topic to announce them, collect feedback and provide support in case you find issues.

I don’t know how many people are actually using bookmarklets since they are less comfortable than userscripts (but they can be written rather quickly), so I would love to hear if I am not the only one using them to speed up editing :grin:


New Bookmarklets

Relate This Entity To Multiple MBID

  • Relates the currently edited entity to multiple entities given by their MBIDs.
  • Automatically uses the default relationship type between the two entity types (pro-users should be able to tweak this by inserting the ID of their desired relationship, the source code contains an example).
  • Update: Automatically uses the selected relationship type of the currently active relationship dialog.
  • Falls back to the default relationship type between the two entity types if there is no active dialog.

Batch Add Parts Of Series

  • Batch-adds entities as parts of the currently edited series.
  • Automatically extracts numbers from titles and uses them as relationship attributes (this is actually the only difference to the first bookmarklet).

Guess Series Relationship

  • Guesses the series name from the name of the currently edited entity and adds a relationship (counterpart of the second bookmarklet).
  • Tries to extract the series number from the entity name to use it as relationship attribute.

New: Detect Cover Art Types

Tired of clicking all the checkboxes by hand when the filenames of the uploaded images already contain the correct types? This should be automated before I continue uploading batches of scans was my thought… in 2020!

An old idea of mine which has finally been implemented as a bookmarklet. It recognizes one or multiple image types if their names are included anywhere in the filename (as separate words).

  • Detects and fills the image types and comment of all pending uploads using their filenames.
  • Treats filename parts in parentheses as image comments.
  • Examples:
    • new_album_front_cover.png → Types: [Front], Comment: –
    • back+spine (Disc 1).png → Types: [Back, Spine], Comment: “Disc 1”
    • raw booklet (Pages 8 & 9).jpg → Types: [Raw/Unedited, Booklet], Comment: “Pages 8 & 9”

While the bookmarklet is already kind of customizable by hardcoding parameter values (even in its minified form), it would be nice to have a userscript version with a proper UI in the future.