Just what is wrong with my entry

Trying to put in a compilation/various artists CD, and your system won’t take it. On the “Tracklist” tab it’s compaining “You must enter a title and select an artist for every track”, but I HAVE a title and artist for every track. It can’t get any more filled in than it already is.

The problem is, if it doesn’t like the entry, it can’t be saved or forwarded for debugging. All that work entering track listings, and because the site can’t see the data is correct, I have to throw it all away. Not much use.

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If the text in the artist field is white, it means it’s not ‘linked’ to an artist entity in the database. If you click on the magnifying glass, you can pick an artist that matches the name (there may be more than one). Once they’re linked, it will show in green.


You can post a screenshot here. :slight_smile:

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This happens to me from time to time. Every artist field is green, but I still can’t go on.
All that you can do then is save the text from the track parser and reuse that.

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I have the same problem. Trying to solve

Yes, I got the same problem also.
I have spent a lot of time correctly entering the participating artists, the length of each track etc.

The annoying “You must enter a title and select an artist for every track” is shown for me also.
Despite being played for several decades on radio stations here, even seen on TV in Scandinavia, Italy and once even in the U.S. These artists appear to be unknown by your system.

Heavens! Am I supposed to add their personal information?
Sorry, besides the extra work, that would go against the EU legislation. So I simply cannot do that to stay clean on that matter. So how on earth can I add published albums and tracks here when the system refuse.

You’re supposed to add a name and sort name (only required data IIRC) and as much more info as possible. If, say, their birth date is not public data, just leave it empty :slight_smile:


Thank you for your nice reply Reosarevok.

Yes, birth date is among the kind of data we’re strongly discouraged from entering.

And I don’t even know when to enter my own start year in music - I made several false starts.
Even less the one for others. :slight_smile:

When I find an artist that isn’t in the database I fill in the bare minimum of data. I see it as a place holder for someone more knowledgeable to come along and fill in more details.

(I’ve had a few albums with a “featuring” artist appear who I have no idea about. Still put their name in as a new artist)

Doesn’t surprise me if lots of Scandinavian artists are missing. You’ll do people a favour by adding even a tiny bit of info. You’ll be surprised how quickly other data then gets filled in.

Not sure why you think EU law would stop you entering data. Not stopped me. :smiley:

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Hello IvanDobsky

It were finally solved, by adding the artists first.
Then it was possible, I’ve tried with Picard and the music id perfectly now…
So that was my first entry finally done.


@Aanta good to see you worked it out. There is so much information in the MB database that sometimes it can be a bit weird trying to make sense of the interface. (And the bizarre rules here) There are also places the documentation is a bit thin. So shout in the forum any time help is needed and someone will make sense of it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply Ivan.
Yes the learning curve were steep, and I did not mind the curve, I got a one track mind and drove straight ahead anyway. Luck has it my brain got 4WD. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So thank you for the offer, I got a couple of tracks I intend to add where the situation is messy from the start.
See below, I know now its possible to get the record right on that!

But I see I will have to limit my participation here, wherever I look I find artists, tracks and albums not identified. I don’t even have them in my possession. It would be more than a full time job to get all this in order. But I will do a handful.

Talking of the messy cases, I did a lookup on a group I know, it’s entered. So no need to do that one.

These guys got the material correctly entered and in the way I wish to do it and how it should be done.
It would solve the matter on the cover track and multiple takes on the other I know of. See track 6 - where a complicated mess is straightened out correctly. Whoever did that entry should be given a star and a full crate of luv’s. :star_struck:

Looks like @stupidname is to credit for a lot of the relationships on that release/recording. :slight_smile:

Yes, I feel a familiarity to him as I am stupid myself. :slight_smile:
Kidding, he did a super job on that album, better than what I could have done!
I knew for a fact that track 6 were originally a classical work, that’s why I did look that particular album, to see how it were done there.

Org work written by the often copied classical composer Gustav Holst. And now that ‘part of & arrangement’ plus ‘part of orchestration’ is exactly how to treat that messy entry I worried about.

And yes the messy examples I got are covers also, currently Picard attributes one of those cover artist as the originator - whereas he in fact is doing a third iteration of the work.
I will get to that later, it’s not a burning emergency matter. And I will probably need a higher level of confidence from you guys before I will be allowed to poke at that can of worms. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: