Julian Mendelsohn X 2

There are two Australian Julian Mendelsohn’s who are in the music business.
One is a record producer of some note who has worked with international artists in the UK and Australia.
The other is an artist who records ambient music.

There is a problem with the page of the record producer (https://musicbrainz.org/artist/0ce0ca5d-4c7e-4f15-89ba-acb53270a989)
because all the listing in the Releases and Recordings sections belong to the ambient artist (who appears not to have a page on MusicBrainz).

It is beyond my skill level to remove these from the record producer’s page. Can anyone help?

It’s not really hard to do, but I admit it is a lot of work (luckily this isn’t a big artist). You’ll have to go to the releases and change the release artist from the wrong Julian Mendelsohn to the right one. Here’s the MO:

  1. Create a new artist Julian Mendelsohn with a descriptive disambiguation comment.
  2. Copy the URL of the new artist.
  3. Edit a release
  4. Edit the release artist and paste the URL into the field. The release editor will load the correct artist.
  5. Check the track list tab to see if it uses the correct artist now (that should be automatic if the track artist is the same as the release artist, else you’ll have to change them manually).
  6. In the recordings tab, tick the check box to update the recording artists.
  7. Leave an edit note and enter your edit.

The above looks like a lot of work, but once you get a hang of it, it will be fast.

I’m afraid you have to change relationships one by one though, but again you can paste the URL to the correct artist to make selecting it faster.

The way I do this manual mass-edits is by using multiple browser tabs and switching back and forth. For this specific case, I’d:

  1. Open the affected releases in (browser) tabs
  2. Place mouse over Musicbrainz’s “Edit” tab
    2a. Click
    2b. Select next tab with Ctrl-PgDown
    2c. Goto 2a
  3. Do the same to switch all Releases to “Tracklist” sub-tab
  4. Similar to “Edit” the first track on all Releases

This way I save all the mouse moving and aiming. It also parallelises the waits for the server response, which is significant for my slow connection.