Jean-Michel Jarre or Jean Michel Jarre?

Hi all.
Officially, JMJ is written with a dash sign between Jean and Michel - even though he stopped using the dash sign for some years along his career.

How do we deal with this? I’ve now seen that for example the album “Calypso” is registered to the artist without the dash sign…


Same as always, I guess… use the original variant/artist and then “Credited as…” it appears on the cover.


As Jean Michel Jarre is the most used variant on official releases.
Maybe we should change the artist name to that instead of lega name Jean-Michel Jarre, although it is also used on some official releases (Electronica, for instance), but less often… :thinking:

I’m confused:

The person’s name is Jean-Michel, while the artist is “Jean Michel”… :-o


I have to give you this, the use of the dash is inconsistent and probably annyoing to people with some degree of OCD like me (and you?). The great thing about MB as a database is that no matter what the artist calls himself, he will always be identified correctly by his MBID.

If you come here to tag your own collection, like many of us do, just edit the artist tag in your files to your liking if the player software you use can use the MBID to identify him (i.e. Kodi). That way you get consistent names in your files but you’ll still be able to have the correct info retrieved by the player - the best of both worlds.

I like it - I’m not alone! :smiley:

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For the OCD in us, MP3TAG is brilliant for this kind of correction. You can select ALL the albums for one artist and bulk correct. An artist like Jean-Michel Jarre is also going to have a variation as to which dash appears in his name.

So MB can have their multiple names as per cover art, and we can have nice calm collections.

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For as long as I can remember (early 80’s), he has had a hyphen. Many of the releases are missing the hyphen in various places (no hyphen on front, hyphens on spine, back, and medium), etc. All of his official sites have a hyphen, so I wouldn’t want to lose it.

For Calypso - he has a hyphen on all the releases except the single - lol.

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On the front cover of the album there is no hyphen:

And from the German Wikipedia page:

Jean-Michel Jarre verzichtete viele Jahre auf den Bindestrich zwischen den beiden Vornamen Jean und Michel. Neue Veröffentlichungen sowie die offizielle Webseite zeigen seit 2015 wieder den Bindestrich im Namen Jarres, sodass die Schreibweise wieder Jean-Michel Jarre ist.

Which translates into:

For many years, Jean-Michel Jarre did without the hyphen between the two first names Jean and Michel. New publications and the official website have shown the hyphen in the name Jarres again since 2015, so that the spelling is Jean-Michel Jarre again.


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You know… I’ve been beta-testing the new MP3TAG release, but the developer didn’t really help me solve the issues I’ve encountered. I’m going OT here, but the issue for me is that reading in the whole music file structure (from my NAS) takes like many hours and that is not really useful if you want to edit something…

People make the same mistake with Picard. Don’t read the whole NAS, just read a section like a single artist. You are otherwise asking the impossible - opening every file on a NAS to read the tags is always going to take hours.


Besides from the usual performance drag of reading all files from a NAS, you’re talking about an internal alpha version of Mp3tag for macOS. So far you have been the only reporting those problems.

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Off to a tangent: Although I usually edit all tags through foobar2000, Mp3tag was very helpful for me when I needed to change id3v2.4 tags in .dsf files to id3v2.3.


Good to know. Anybody else testing the same version and wanting to read from a NAS device its library? Would be interesting to know how it behaves.