Jazmin Bean legal name edits

hey, so i’ve had a bit of a problem with a certian artist. does anyone want to look at the recent edits for jazmin bean and chime in? the same editor keeps changing their legal name and they haven’t responded to my requests for a source. i’m not doubting that it’s their legal name, but i just don’t want the info to be incorrect.

i looked for a little while and the only source i could find for the legal name is wikipedia, which is where this editor is probably getting it from (or if not that, another wikipedia-adjacent website; i found a few references on “wikiwand” and other similar, also unsourced)

and the source that wikipedia editor cited doesn’t seem to mention the name at all (but i don’t speak dutch(?) so maybe it does somewhere, idk)

and it was subsequently removed. i’m super unfamiliar with wikipedia so i don’t know how to see more details

if the editor who keeps adding this legal name has a source i would love to see it :smiley:

i can’t really chime in on whether wikipedia alone with no other source is enough evidence to add the legal name on musicbrainz, because i don’t know how credible it is. it does definitely seem like a weird thing to lie about so it could definitely be true. but a source should for sure always be linked; i’m not sure why the editor wouldn’t share where they got their information D:

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@Freso or @reosarevok could you please have a look at the Jazmin edits and put in some notes/direction?

Edits back and forth between two valued MB editors (@sammyrayy and @justcheckingitout) and would be good to sort it. If you two could please refrain from putting further edits re. the middle name until then I think it would be helpful :slight_smile: