Japanese Video Game - Track Titles in English/Japanese?

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Hi all

I’ve just added the following video game CD entry as it contains many red book audio tracks that feature in the game. I am quite keen on helping build the database for video game music, certainly those with CD-ROM audio tracks.

I think i’ve done OK with this one, following some advice found here Handling In-Game Music and Audio. However as I was finding the “community” track names for this release they are presented in English, however the release was only ever released in Japan? Should I go back and change the titles to their Japanese counter-part? If it were me I would find the titles being in English a lot more helpful but it is not overly accurate?


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Official titles for this release

Is there a SOUND TEST in the game itself, where you could find the official music titles?

Guess titles

It seems that, in game, there was not enough memory to load kanji fonts and they just show character names in hiragana.
Perhaps the booklet contains full names. And in this video https://youtu.be/RchIk5BdYE0 we can get full names (also from wikipedia).

There are also some CDDA releases from which we could get close guesses, like these:

I can help but I need some contextual help, like what are Bio and Bio (2 first tracks)?

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The titles given are being matched to when that audio appears in the game. As it is a fighting game most of the tracks (those with names) are characters “themes” so to speak.

Bio are the audio tracks that play during a cutscene of sorts that shows a biography of all characters.

I have the booklet, which would give me the original names of the characters - it is just the “general purpose” tracks such as Bio, Cutscene, Victory, Vs etc. that I am unsure of, would it not look weird that some tracks are in English and some Japanese (although thinking about it I know of a few Japanese artists who do employ that technique).

The game has many different variants (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asuka_120%_Burning_Fest#Games) on different systems which all have slightly different soundtracks.

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Welcome, and hurray for adding video game music!

jesus2099 is the expert, but on a more basic level:
The tracks and release name etc for the official release should be entered in their original form/what’s on the packaging or in the files (eg. Japanese or a mix of JP and ENG?).
You can then add another release in the release group as a ‘pseudo-release’ type with all of the english translations. Even multiple pseudo-releases for multiple fan translations if you like.
You can see the guidelines and examples for this under the ‘Status’ section here: https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Release

Some day ™ this kind of thing will be integrated into a single release: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-4501
Some day :wink:

edit: you may be aware but https://vgmdb.net/ has a few of these releases, with both translations, may be useful

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