Japanese reissues with "+x" appended to title

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In Japan, it is common to add “+x” to the end of an album’s title when reissuing an album with bonus tracks, where x is the amount of bonus tracks. Example: https://musicbrainz.org/release/f19b2666-1330-4c73-8606-06495106f12f

I personally think this should be part of the disambiguation, but others disagree and there does not appear to be a settled rule here.

The reason I think this belongs as a disambiguation comment is because I see this as something like “with bonus tracks” rather than a meaningful stylistic change to the album’s title. It’s often noted on the obi strip or side rather than on the front cover.


You describe it very well and I put this in the disambiguation comment for the same reason that it is printed on the obi.

No advice on the rule as I dont know enough Japanese releases and @jesus2099 has better knowledge on those

For this particular one shouldnt it be just “Tomoko I” as on front cover from CD and Vinyl?

For reference:

Tomoko I
~I can’t wait~
(Where the first part has higher font than second one)

-I can’t wait- +1

Taking the title on dics and applying stricly guidelines would mean:
Vinyl: Tomoko I : ~I can’t wait~
CD: TOMOKO1: -I can’t wait- +1
Release group: As it referred in general (shops, people,…)

In this example, “+1” is part of the title on the CD itself:

I would not move it to the disambiguation.

Front cover says “TOMOKO I 〜 I can’t wait 〜”, see the discogs images (specifically this photo of the front cover)

Obi strip and CD say “TOMOKO1 -I can’t wait- +1”

Stores seem to be a tossup, for example Tower Records includes the +1 but Neowing does not.

I’m a bit on the fence in this case. It looks like the title is also printed on the back cover but there’s no complete image on Discogs, nor is there an image of the spine(s). If the “+1” is used consistently in these locations I would lean towards including it.

The CD is only inside.
The obi is removable and marketing hype.
This +1 is really a technical feature of the CD versus the original edition, not really a part of the title.
I would keep +1 in the disambiguation comment.

What does the spine say?

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My question would be - do these also get released as a plain “-I can’t wait-”?

I would see “-I can’t wait- +1” as weird, but I’d probably prefer on my title that if I have a collection with both versions as two different releases need two different titles.

If there is only the one release, then I’d go without the +1 and leave the title neat.

Does that vinyl called -I can’t wait- also have the same tracks as the CD? Again more reason to stick to the plain title without +1.

I currently read that CD image as “there is another track on here but we can’t be bothered to add the track name”.



Oh my apologies, indeed it s written under but difficult to see.

On personal taste I tend to prefer jesus2099 advise but this is debatable and so, without more evidence from artist or label, would go with the “as printed”.

Also Release Group should be updated to “Tomoko I ~I can’t wait~”.

Then does current Picard tags allow to write a script to rely on Release Groups/Recordings titles rather than Releases ones for users who prefer standardized/original names?

PS: The more I look at the scan from Vinyl disc the more I m wondering if there is a possibility it was:
Artist: 桑江知子 credited as Tomoko I
Title: ~I can’t wait~

Yes, use %_releasegroup%, see https://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/variables/variables_basic.html