Itunes import into release group?

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Hello all,

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I just used the itunes importer script for the first time today and it worked really well. However, the imported album existed in a different version. The one i imported from itunes had about 4 or 5 additional tracks. After the import I requested a merge. Is there anyway to import directly into a release group to avoid the extra step of merging? Is my approach even correct to begin with? I’m happy to delete if I did this wrong. If so, please let me know so that I can do it right in the future.

Here’s the album imported:
Here’s the one that already existed:

Thanks for your help!


When you create a release or when you import a release, the release group name field is set with the same as the release name.
Just click the magnifying glass button at the right side of the release group name field to select an existing release group.


This is great, thanks so much! It solved my issue :grinning:

You guys are the best!


Make sure you also reuse existing recordings whenever possible (i.e. track lengths that are within 5 seconds of existing recordings). Thanks!

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