iTunes change alert

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It seems that is no longer. It’s now, they are forwarding all the links at least, but the script no longer works.

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Actually, they’ve separated iTunes & Apple Music. It’s now &

Update: Now it’s only Seems they were in transition last night.


For the time being, manually switching “music” with “itunes” works without redirects.
I’ve submitted MBS-10193 so editors don’t have to do this manually.

It does if you manually swap “music” with “itunes” in the URL.

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Yeah, I went and edited my script and it works. So, easy fix.

I went to a random iTunes page I came across recently but I am not redirected to Apple Music and I still see the old URL correctly.


They both work without redirect.
Do you know when they are going to auto redirect to the second URL?

FTR I’m asking this because currently we cannot call the search API from a page (CORS not declared).
And the URL does not exist.

I don’t know which one of the two fixes they will choose.

So my current fix is not yet OK to submit to dufferzafar: is the new way. It seems they’ve started integrating before now. It was I use “” to locate iTunes releases. It always brought me to before. I think it might not have been an all at once thing, because I’ve noticed that some have address for their links for a while now, but mine always was With that address it had both the iTunes & Apple Music ID’s together and when you clicked “see in Apple Music” it’d bring you there and vice versa. In the script, I had to manually change the in the addresses to yesterday to make it work. Yeah, it only works on, but not I tried it with the second also and got no results. Most of the time they are the same ID, but it would be nice to have both urls since they are technically 2 different sites now.

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Oh sorry I misunderstood OP as I had never heard of before.
I can drop my user script change above, it is useless.

My fix seems to work, but i only tested on firefox 67 on linux

I’ve never seen before - it’s always been for me…

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Yeah, you’re right. It was or Seems both worked. However, as of tonight, all sites are being redirected to and the script no longer works. I manually went and changed all the to and that didn’t work. That’s about all my knowledge of scripting allows me to try. :slight_smile:

Update: The manual replacement trick I mentioned earlier no longer works. Even following a link from MB (which worked previously) results in an automatic redirect.
This means the iTunes import script no longer works (for the time being, at least) but it’s still possible to glean release dates, barcodes, cover art, etc. by digging in the page source manually.

The script has been updated and appears to be working fine for me now. Check to make sure you have the newest script. It came out last night.


Can you give full URL examples of artist/release/recording available on one website but not on the other?

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This single is only available on Apple Music.

iTunes release:

Apple music release:

They have the same barcode, but different Apple IDs.

Thanks! The iTunes release you gave is correctly redirected to So updating these URLs in the MusicBrainz database won’t be an issue, right?

Apple music release you gave and @HibiscusKazeneko gave are not available on iTunes which is going to be discontinued soon anyway, thus I guess there is no need to distinguish between IDs valid for Apple Music only and IDs valid for both iTunes and Apple Music, right?

Is it still necessary to have both URLs when these are the same IDs?
Should we still consider two different websites or just anticipate on becoming just a redirect in the near future?

That’s not entirely clear. What is clear is that the desktop app is being discontinued; what’s still up in the air is whether there will still be a way to purchase content. More on that in this thread.

Edit to avoid double-posting: It looks like Apple isn’t killing off paid downloads after all.