fix for Windows Python 3.8+: Could not find module 'discid.dll'

I was annoyed for a few month, after my laptop had been reset, I couldn’t use @JonnyJD anymore on my laptop.

As I got the problem on my recent Windows installation, it seems that, without this fix, no recent Windows environment would run the tool, anymore:

Could not find module ‘discid.dll’

On Windows, it only works now on my old desktop Windows XP 2002 SP3 32 bits with Python 3.4.3 but not on my more recent professional laptop Windows 11 64 bits with Python 3.10.7!

I am using version 2.1.1 beta zip files (for the Windows 64 bits DLL), that can apparently only be found in a hidden unlinked page!

On Linux, no problems on my desktop Debian 11 64 bits with Python 3.9.2.

I found an old bug fix for Windows Python 3.8+ by @RavenWorks that makes my recent Windows run properly!
But it makes the other platforms (Linux and Windows Python 3.7-) fail.

So I resubmitted this abandoned fix but surrounding the fix by conditional statements, so that it only runs when needed (Windows OS and Python 3.8+):

(see GitHub pull/merge request above for updated test table)

OS Python 2.1.1-beta Patched 2.1.1-beta 3.0.0-dev Patched 3.0.0-dev
Debian 11 64 bits 3.9.2 :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Windows XP 32 bits 3.4.3 :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Windows 11 64 bits 3.10.7 :x: :+1: :x: :+1:

@Freso and @JonnyJD then, if you could have a look at my merge request.
And if it is merged, there is apparently more to do then to make the new (2.2? 3.0.0) version available to the public in the OHP downloads and in GitHub releases.
Because in those both public places, the latest 2.1.1-beta is not available yet.


For info, @yvanzo I put it back from #picard to #musicbrainz because isrcsubmit tools are not related to Picard.


Hi @Freso @JonnyJD.

I have a new 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, here.
I installed isrcsubmit from the website but I still had to manually apply 3 work-arounds:

  1. Overwrite discid.dll with 64-bit version*
    PR #127 (32/64 bit) is merged but the download zip is still the old one that cannot run on 64-bit
  2. Edit to tell it to scan current folder to find discid.dll
    PR #144 is waiting to be reviewed/merged
  3. NEW! Edit isrcsubmit.bat to prevent strange behaviour with terminal windows
    NEW! PR #145 is waiting to be reviewed/merged

* Oh I now see that is available in hidden secret but not from the visible website download page.
I guess this zip fixes my first work-around!
But it should be made available for download.

Links fixed, thanks @kellnerd, because I’m on smartphone. :sweat_smile:

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@Freso, could you have a look at the isrcsubmit PR?
There are a few small ones on isrcsubmit.bat and that would be great to review.

Today I have another new office laptop:

  • Windows 10 Entreprise 22H2 x64
  • Python 3.11.6
  • Either CMD.exe or Windows Terminal

I have to:

  1. Download the hidden
  2. Patch isrcsubmit.bat with Run in same terminal PR #145
  3. Patch with Windows Python 3.8+: Search current folder for discid.dll PR #144