Is Wikipedia an acceptable source for adding new releases?

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Consider the mexican band Grupo Yndio, it only has a couple of release groups while its wikipedia page lists quite a few of their albums. The lack of mexican contributors to MusicBrainz is no surprise so I was wondering if the Wikipedia articles are an acceptable source for adding new releases to this and other similar mexican bands. I decided to ask this before doing any more edits to the MusicBrainz database.


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If you, as a responsible Editor, are confident that WP is reliable about the existence of those Releases, and so are confident tnat they exist then you are free to add them, AIUI.

I had a look at the WP page. The url for the group’s webpage was never successfully archive by the Wayback Mahine. A d the webpage currently is not found.

However Amazon search results
show multiple Releases which match with the WP Releases.
Which would be evidence that the WP list is reliable.
(Please don’t use the Release dates from Amazon - they are largely erroneous.)


While I’m confident about a couple of those releases, I can’t say the same about the rest of the listed releases or their track list. I did originally consider adding those releases to the database since using Picard and no getting correct results is really annoying :frowning: .

From my side, most of the time in that kind of situation I try to cross source to detect or clarify a release. Here, could help and maybe Spotify.

Also, remember you can change the Data Quality to Low quality which means “The release needs serious fixes, or its existence is hard to prove (but it’s not clearly fake)”.

Edit: CD Stub search could also help. Although for the moment search with Grupo Yndio return an Internal Server Error (MBS-10293 open)


Thanks, that’s a good idea. I was doing just that by double checking the release information on discogs.

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If you don’t know the track list you can always add an empty release.
This will be a sign to the next editor that the release exists somewhere even if you don’t have all the details.


The key is to leave lots of edit notes explaining the sources of dates, etc. Then other users can choose how much they trust the data. It is always tricky with older bands as there is less and less data out there. By putting in the wikipedia data as a start point it helps other people make judgements.


I will usually trust WP enough to add “empty” Release Groups (with Wikidata links), but since their “albums” are generally rather abstract, I don’t trust them enough to make specific Releases based off of their data. This of course means not adding cover art, release date, track list, etc., which is a shame—but I’d rather hope to find some other source for a specific release before adding a specific release.

Edit: Same for AllMusic, e.g.,:


Thanks everyone, your posts are really helpful.


Do you have those releases on your pc? That should be enough of a proof that they exist (assuming they aren’t bootlegs).

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A couple of them, yes. The rest, as I said, no.

If you are wanting sources for Grupo Yndio Releases to add to MB this might help:

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Wikipedia should list the sources used so you should check those sources instead. If no source is given then I wouldn’t list use it and it probably should be removed from the Wikipedia article as well.