Is this right? (Grace Petrie and the Resistance Band)

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The justification is that the editor doesn’t consider “The Resistance Band” to be a separate project and exists only for this release and that it was released on her “solo Bandcamp page”, but the latter at least doesn’t make sense to me. :thinking::confused:

I mean, as an example, nervous_testpilot and _ensnare_ are separate entries, even though they’re the same person and he puts everything on his nervous_testpilot Bandcamp page.

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maybe following the pattern of maybe follow the pattern of The Ys Street Band - MusicBrainz and create The Resistance Band as separate then linking it somehow makes sense

maybe it’d be good to split the title, so instead of " Grace Petrie & The Resistance Band" as one artist it could be “Grace Petrie” & “The Resistance Band”


That makes a lot more sense than just merging it like this tbh. :thinking:

I agree here, the separate entry for the band makes sense. Is there some more info what/who The Resistance Band is?

from bandcamp

Grace Petrie - vocals, guitar
Caitlin Field - vocals
Jasmine Kennedy - vocals, bass
Ben Moss - vocals, piano, fiddle
John Helps - digital drums

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They clearly perform as separate artists:… and…

There are concerts with Grace Petrie alone, some with both. Releases are under Grace’s Bandcamp for the sole reason that’s more convenient I guess, but clearly they are releases and concerts under Grace Petrie (alone) and:
Grace Petrie & The Resistance Band
Grace Petrie & The PC Brigade
Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture

Now, I’m not sure The Resistance Band, The PC Brigade, The Benefits Culture perform under those names without Grace Petrie (this is why those aren’t separate artists for now)

More related edits:


*I didn’t open bandcamp to see what it says.

We need to be careful assuming that recording artists are also ‘the band’. I do know of a couple instances where the recording bands are different than the touring band, or maybe just a person or two are different.

But, if we can confirm they are the band, it can’t hurt to add them as members. It will help end the confusion as to which of these bands are bands and which are some label slapped onto a recording to keep an album’s theme going - not to mention that each band is different from each other.

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I wouldn’t take Bandcamp into account for this example. ensnare is a side project in a different genre, making it a shoe-in for a different mb artist :+1:

Probably not the best example (it’s the best one I can think of until Ferry Corsten starts uploading all his stuff) but it’s still an example of a single artist posting work from multiple aliases to a single Bandcamp page. :sweat_smile:

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