Is this release missing?

Hi all.
I have this release on CD:

Now, my CD has barcode 5014436700521 and only 11 tracks. Therefore it looks like it’s the British release… but: there’s no evidence of “DAD 7005 CD” - instead, there’s “RTD 120.2057.2 43”

So… I doubt that it’s the GB version… can anybody help me here?

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Looking at Discogs I think I spot it:

Lots of art to compare with.

I assume your cover also lists 10 tracks on the rear cover but actually has 11 on the CD?

Being listed as “German” doesn’t really mean much in Europe. Manufacturing happens in multiple places and the discs are shipped around. I can’t even see why that is listed as “German” at Discogs as it was made in Austria with no other reference to Germany (but then the editor made other mistakes too). More likely to be Europe release.

Don’t be surprised at the need to add a new release for a CD like this. The more common the CD, the more likely variations have been printed. Discogs list 13 variants with that barcode out of 37 variants total. Just clone a release and tweak the details to your copy.

Edited to add: A random guess is that the “D” in the “RTD” cat no is Germany. Or D for Rough Trade Deutschland. Looking at the German release in MB with similar details to yours seems to show that as a pattern with Rough Trade Germany cat nos.