Is this a classical music release?

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This release group catch my atention For me, is very clear that is a classical music album, yet the track artists are the interpreters, not the composers. I was going to edit it but I thought it will be better to consult here first, since so many editors didn’t seem to have a problem with it.


I’d personally prefer to change it to classical style, too.


Seems classical to me as well. And based on the wikipedia blurb, the release title may need to be adjusted as well (to include the text before “in Concert”).


How are mixed cases, with some classical tracks and some contemporary ones, currently expected to be handled? For example a Placido Domingo release including Perhaps Love; would that track get credited to (John) Denver, classical-wise, do the rest switch to non-classical style, is there a mix of styles, …?


I’d enter it all as CSG in this case, since it’s a classical-world release (while I might enter “Metal band plays themes from famous classical pieces” as non-CSG, even if every piece is in origin classical)


What about this Renaissance music release?

I’m on the “Yes” side as it’s Western art music for the rich and powerful to display status and impress with. However if consensus is elsewhere then I don’t mind not changing the track performers to the composers as per CSG.

edit: Could anyone tell me if the phrases before the colons are correctly part of the track title?
See track 20 etc:


I’d definitely say yes. It’s art music by known composers, so it seems like the most reasonable option and is indeed how I’ve always treated this kind of albums.

Do you have the release? Arkivmusic publishes work titles, not track titles, I think, so while they’re definitely correct that “Durandarte” is part of Milán’s “Libro de música de vihuela de mano intitulado El maestro” (that is "Book of vihuela de mano music titled “El Maestro” and we do have that work as part of it already) it doesn’t mean we need to have it on the tracklist. Unless you’re reasonably sure they’re included in the release tracklist, I’d leave them off the tracks.


Thanks reosarevok. No release in hand.
Only archivemusic page. Which does have search results for it’s barcode and catalogue numbers.
The other release in this group has a barcode and catalog number unknown to google, and a freedb discID that gives a Spanish language title for it.

Though tracks seem same as Archivemusic release.


Here is another possible classical release:

I’m thinking Classical. In some large part because of the performance context. Though there are also lots of religious tracks which are from the Western High Art tradition.

edit: Having listened to much of this release on Youtube I now think that the lack of “penguinness” and the large amount of non-Classical material moves this release outside of the scope of Clasical and hence the CSG (Classical Style Guidelines).