Is this a broken script?

Does anyone know what this “GM script: “MusicBrainz relation editor: set role in recording-artist relation” (2018.8.18)” script is?

Am I guessing that this is the first of the membranophone fixing scripts? Trouble is, data is clearly being lost. When a batch of @highstrung edits are looked at together I think he is trying to fix the membranophone entries for Pink Floyd but it seems to be clipping off [drum roll] and [windup toys] in the two above examples.

I’m no script expert, so wondering about what other thoughts are. Does that script need a tweak before let loose?

And as these edits went straight through I don’t think @highstrung will see my questions… so I wave to @highstrung here by saying his name three times I hope he appears :smiley:


@loujin, maybe you can see if you can make your script retain instrument artist credits (or warn or anything) (if it does not already do).

I don’t know which one it is, though:

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…and here I am…

The good news, though, is that you do get notified when comments are added to your edits, even if they’re already applied. So I did see both your comments. I’ve fixed those two and I’m checking for others.


Excellent. We can’t have credits for important instruments like [Wind-up Toys] getting lost. :rofl:

This review process is pretty useful. I was going to chase in myself if needed.


As an aside, I have added notes to several-year-old edits and still gotten prompt responses (in cases where the editors are still active). So it’s quite a useful method to give feedback, or request more information, even on “stale” edits.

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I do like that large percentage of MB users care about the edits. And I’ll often add notes. Trouble is I then have to find those notes myself again which can sometimes be tricky.

You could drag & drop the URL to such an edit to a folder on your PC. Rename the folder to something like “MB edits that I have to watch again” and voilà :wink:
If everything is solved, just delete the shortcut in your folder/file system.

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