Is there still a 32 bit version available for download?

Hello…I’m a complete newbie here and a technophobe.
I’ve only discovered Music Brainz Picard today and have succesfully downloaded and used it on my Windows 10 PC.
However, I would like to also use it on an old laptop running Windows XP which is only 32 bit.
Can anyone advise and link me to an older version that I could download and use?
Thank you.

From the Picard download page:

If you’re looking for older versions of Picard, browse our FTP server.

I’m not sure which version is the latest 32bit version.

According to this announcement:

it seems that “Picard 1.4.2 will be the last version that is supported for both Windows 32 and macOS 10.7-10.10.”

You probably won’t have much fun with Picard on Windows XP:


your best bet is to move your music files to your windows 10 computer either by usb stick/external hard drive or over your local network with file sharing on and ues Picard on it than you can always move them back when done
you can leave them on your xp machine and tell Picard to use that directory over you locale network with file sharing on but you have a small chance you could corrupt them if your computers stop talking to each other while info is being written to them


Thank you so much for all your replies.
I must admit that the prospect of using Picard on an old and very slow 32 bit Windows XP doesn’t appeal so much even if I could get it to work.
I’ve ended up taking a different route…I’ve bought some software which enables me to transfer all my iPod content back into my new iTunes on my new PC.
I will then use Picard to repopulate all the missing track data.
Thank you again


As I can not modify the no more valid FTP-Server link in my above answer, I add the valid one here: