Is there a way to tell Picard 1.x to skip SSL verification?

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I am trying to use the latest 1.x picard to tag CDs on my Windows XP machine since it is the last computer I have with CD-ROM.

Lookup CD through browser works well, but when clicking tagger and going back to the app, I get “error loading” with “SSL handshake failed”. I assume it’s because of some historic openssl being bundled in and not being compatible with new-enough TLS ciphers on the server side.

Is it possible to force the tagger to use plaintext HTTP or to skip SSL validation?

Just as a side note:
You know that you can attach an external CD/DVD-Reader to any of your free USB-Ports?
Something like this products.

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Yes, but this is a one-time project of digitalising the remnants of my CD collection, so I don’t really feel like spending money on it if avoidable.

I assume that you’re using the 1.x version because the newer 2.x versions don’t run on your XP system?

If you can’t find a direct solution to your question, you might try moving the ripped files to your new system and use the group files by album workflow to look up the albums instead (using the latest version of Picard). I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but it might be an alternative to consider.


Oh, I have missed the file lookup capability and it actually works reasonably well! I can do that since I do have a shared network disk available.

Thanks you!