Is there any way to change the time

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is there any way to change the time on this album to mach the time on the disc the time shown on the back of the cover is wrong

Do you have the CD? If yes, then put the CD into your computer and start Picard. There is a button in there to “Lookup CD”. From there you can then attach the actual CD contents table to a Release. It is called a “discID”. This can then be used to accurately set the time.

If you don’t have the CD, then a rip log from EAC can also be used.

If you only have mp3 files then your last option is to directly edit the times by hand on the Tracklist page where you originally typed in the track names.

Let me know if you need more guidance on any of the above. :slight_smile:


thanks that fixed it the last song was 2 mins longer then it should have been


As part of my “tagging a release” routine I will always feed my CDs through Picard and upload the discIDs.

Even with rips I have from “other sources”, the EAC ripping log is just as reliable as the physical CD.

The actual media is far better for setting track times than a human typing them in. Especially as discIDs also go to fractions of a second.


If you have access to those “other sources” @IvanDobsky is talking about, you can use this tool to parse the logs:

There is also a userscript that is supposed to integrate nicely with some of “those sites”.

Another good source for disc IDs is CUETools DB:

It has no real search function, but you can try searching by artist.


It is not all “sailing the high seas” :pirate_flag:. I make a lot of use of my own EAC logs from my own CD rips. If the CD is on a shelf and I want to look it up at MB then the EAC-LOG-LOOKUP page is great for a quick copy and paste to hunt the disk down.

There are also people out there who rip their CDs and then sell the disks. EAC logs will be the only thing left of that original disk in their cases.


When I find mistakes like this on a release’s packaging, I usually add an annotation explaining the error to discourage future editors from trying to “fix” my correction.


Once a discID is attached there is no more editing of track times. The discID will take over and force the times.

If there are multiple discIDs attached then an average is taken. Unless one goes into the list and picks out a specific discID and presses the “Set Track Times”. Now the track times will be aligned to that specific disc.


Logs and rips found online are not completely reliable to determine the correct edition you should edit in MB.


@jesus2099 - totally agree. An EAC log is no use on its own as many times a discID can get associated with more than one release. It is useful to use along side other data.

Just like if you picked up a bare CD from a second hand store in an empty case. Other sources of information are always required.

Often when an EAC log is in a package from some pirated source the way the rest of the data is included is useful to know how trustable it is. The more careful packages will be FLAC and full of excess details alongside the EAC logs. The artwork then needs to be studied to work out if they have scans or just Discogs images. That is usually fairly clear due to image sizes.

Again it is an - If in doubt, leave it out. I don’t believe in trying to force upload any old data and junk. That is not what MB is for.