Is there any kind of project to improve holes in MusicBrainz coverage

IMO The quality of data in MusicBrainz is very high, but the breadth of coverage continues to lag behind other databases such as Rovi and Discogs

Is improving coverage an aim of MusicBrainz, is there any strategy for achieving this ?

I do have this list of Artists that appear not to be in MusicBrainz if that is of any interest to anyone


I can’t speak for what MB wants. But I can say - Discogs’s purpose is to be a marketplace. The buying/selling/trading of music. They don’t care about the information about albums, other than it may help someone buy something. For example - “John Smith played on Little Jimmy’s album? I did not know that. Oh, how I must have it.”

That is why you can’t just go and make an artist entry like you can here. Artists need associated with albums. There are no “touring band members” on Discogs. Only recording personnel.


Yes, coverage is lagging behind Discogs, for artists and releases. But from what i see MB has also many artists and/or releases that aren’t in Discogs. It would be interesting to have this number too.

About the strategy, the fact is Discogs has many entries because it is an exchange platform, i guess it would be much different if there was a similar exchange platform using MusicBrainz as backend, afaik none exists until now.
So, it is about having more editors, but history shows this number is pretty stable over years.


If I understand you right let me clarify that list is a list of Discogs artists who are the main album artist credit for at least two releases. is very interesting, we could start a community effort to create missing links.
Those 60k artists aren’t counted in (“These are Discogs artists not currently linked to a MusicBrainz artist, and we have been unable to find a potential link for either.”), right ?

But there is no specific strategy apart from the Compose cleanups ?

I’m sure there are MusicBrainz artists not in Discogs but since my principal interest is improving MusicBrainz not Discogs so I dont have an answer for that. What I can say is a simple count of ‘artists’ in MusicBrainz gives 1,325,488 compared to 5,526,005 for Discogs.

I did some editing yesterday, what I found most annoying is that there is a 10 second delay between submitting a new release and waiting for MusicBrainz to come back, in the past I have used multiple tabs to add releases but that led to hitting a bug whereby MusicBrainz adds a release but not the tracks.

Existing editors could achieve more if submit new release did not perform so badly.

Yes, actually Im confident that 99.9% of those are correct, i.e the potential link is correct (of course a few will already be linked now but very few wrong) so I wonder if it would be allowable for someone to use an importer script since alot of manual work otherwise.

No, they are not.

Well, using this page i just created a link, the process is quick (check, submit). We could start with artists having a significant number of releases.
To automate, if community agrees, imho we should have at least another match (like common links to artist’s website, wikipedia or FB page), but i agree with you, this list looks very correct (i checked like 30 random entries, all were correct).
@reosarevok , @bitmap : do you think it’d be acceptable ?

@bitmap : could you provide some insights about the slow submission process ? I didn’t measure yet, but it’s pretty clear it is slow compared to the size of data transmitted, now i know there are a lot of stuff occuring behind the scene.

Total count isn’t reliable because there are so many multiple entries for one person.
Sure, it happens on both sites. But I feel it happens far more on Discogs than on MB.

No I realize that is misleading it was only in reply to Zas, however i think its unlikely that MusicBrainz has more real artists when the basic figure is only a 1/4 of Discogs figure.

It is quick if doing a handful, but personally I find it quite irritating doing more than that, but if there are others with more patience to so that would like to that would be fantastic. The report is ordered by total releases (musicbrainz + discogs) so the artists with the most releases are listed first.

The wikipedia/fb info is not readily available in Discogs so I dont think that could be done

On @ijabz’ list albunack page 1 topmost at 61 releases, one immediately spots a faulty ‘merge’ Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff that is present at MB correctly split as Don Kosaken Chor & Сергей Алексеевич Жаров.

Just to avoid any confusion this list of artists not in musicbrainz would have to be manually added, you are correct about that one and here is another one . there is a problem with Discogs not splitting multiple people and I try to filter them out of that particular report but I havent managed in all cases.

… and some more of that same type, all from page 1, leaving out stuff like ‘Gerry Mulligan And His Sextet’, ‘Golden Orchestra And Chorus’ (and I do miss a fold-in/spoiler tag here):

Discogs (70) Victor Silvester and His Silver Strings
MB Victor Silvester
MB The Victor Silvester Orchestra
MB Victor Silvester & The Silver Strings Orchestra
(MB Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra)
(MB Victor Silvester & His Jive Band)

Discogs (47) Helmut Zacharias Und Seine Verzauberten Geigen
MB Helmut Zacharias
MB Helmut Zacharias and His Orchestra
MB Helmut Zacharias mit seinen Solisten

Discogs (46) Bob Azzam Et Son Orchestre
MB Bob Azzam
(MB Bob Azzam & The Great Expectation)

Discogs (38) Cliff Carpenter Und Sein Orchester
MB Cliff Carpenter & sein Orchester

Discogs (32) Georges Jouvin, Sa Trompette D’Or Et Son Orchestre
MB Georges Jouvin

Discogs (28) Roberto Firpo Y Su Orquesta Típica

Discogs (27) Children Accompanied By Eira Davies
MB –

Discogs (25) Syd Lawrence And His Orchestra
MB Syd Lawrence
MB The Syd Lawrence Orchestra
(MB Chris Dean’s Syd Lawrence Orchestra)

Discogs (25) Johnny Long and his orchestra
MB Johnny Long

Discogs (25) Hugo Blanco Y Su Conjunto
MB Hugo Blanco

Discogs (24) Martin Böttcher & Sein Orchester
MB Martin Böttcher
MB Martin Böttcher und sein Orchester

Discogs (23) Günter Noris Und Die Big Band Der Bundeswehr
MB Günter Noris
MB Big Band der Bundeswehr

Discogs (23) Clyde McCoy And His Orchestra
MB –
MB Clyde McCoy Orchestra

Discogs (22) Eduardo Bianco Y Su Orquesta
MB Eduardo Bianco
MB Eduardo Blanco Et Son Orchestre Argentin

Discogs (22) Peter Kreuder Mit Seinen Solisten
MB Peter Kreuder
MB Peter Kreuder und sein Tanz- & Sinfonieorchester
MB Peter Kreuder und seine Tanz-Rhythmiker

Discogs (22) Martin Gold And His Orchestra
MB Martin Gold?
MB Marty Gold?

Discogs (20) Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Típica
MB Francisco Canaro
MB Francisco Canaro y su orquesta
MB Orquesta Típica Francisco Canaro

Discogs (20) John Christopher And His Orchestra
MB –

Discogs (20) Doc Severinsen And His Orchestra
MB Doc Severinsen
MB Doc Severinsen & His Big Band
MB (The Tonight Show Band)

Discogs (18) Edoardo Lucchina E La Sua Orchestra
MB –

Discogs (17) Warren Covington And His Orchestra
MB Warren Covington

Discogs (17) Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra and Chorus
MB Gordon Jenkins
MB Gordon Jenkins and His Chorus
MB Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra
MB Gordon Jenkins’ Orchestra and Choir
MB The Gordon Jenkins Singers
MB Gordon Jenkins, Charles Lavere & Choris

Discogs (16) Fontanna And His Orchestra
MB –

Discogs (16) Harry Davidson And His Orchestra
MB –

Discogs (15) Bonny Cepeda Y Su Orquesta
MB Bonny Cepeda

Discogs (15) Enrique Lynch Y Su Orquesta
MB Enrique Lynch

Discogs (15) Porfi Jiménez Y Su Orquesta
MB Porfi Jiménez

Discogs (15) Paul Godwin Mit Seinem Künstler-Ensemble
MB Paul Godwin?
MB Paul Godwin & das Künstlerensemble
MB Paul Godwin Tanz-Orchester
MB Paul Godwins orkester

Discogs (15) Ramón Márquez & His Orchestra
MB Ramón Márquez

Yes I have just explained that particular list needs to filter out where Discogs artist credit is actually multiple people, I will replace it in the next few days there is no point in finding further ones.

Understood, and my list is meant to illustrate (for other readers) a measure of that need, not a pointer at you or anything else; precisely because the list/link is of interest, as first said. All clear.

In this example Edit #51548320 - MusicBrainz artist was linked to old discogs ID that now redirects to new, maybe I don’t know, there is a way to test these redirected dizscogs ID and change them by robot.

Where do we find a list of those reports?

Reports are at
Yes, there will be a few old ids but I will update the report in the next couple of days, that should resolve this

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This thread, perhaps most productively in the near term, is focused on a MB/Discogs difference.

There are other, larger, holes. Holes that contain music released for well over 50% of the world’s population.
Chinese and Indian releases are almost totally absent AIUI.

The MB website is available in English, German, French and Dutch only.

Of the 12 language with more than 100 million speakers;
Mandarin 1051 million, English 510 million, Hindi 490 million, Spanish 420 million, Russian 255 million, Arabic 230 million, German 229 million, Benhgali 215 million, Portuguese 213 million, French 130 million, Japanese 127 million, Urdu 104 million,
MB is available in 3 (total speakers ~ 869 million) .
And unavailable in the languages of well over 3000 million.


To bring this back to the thread’s title:
Anyone with contacts with people with the language skills necessary to create more language versions of the MB website would be making a massive contribution if they could spark a translation.

I understand that this is all set-up and requires the translation and checking of around 8000 words and phrases.

I’d be interested in being involved in such a project.

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