Is there an easy way to split a release medium into two?

For example, this:

This is a reissue of the first two LPs, and to my knowledge does not exist as a single medium release. I’d like to split it into two 12" Vinyls (as it exists in reality).

Is there an easy way to do it? Or is it just a matter of deleting tracks 13-23 from the existing medium, adding a new medium, and keying in all the tracks again?


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I have tested this successfully on your release:

  1. Edit the release
  2. Go to Tracklist tab and press Add Medium then Existing medium sub tab in the popup
  3. Type 23 as track count, the title and artist are already ok, press Search
  4. Select the same release, it is not the first match for unknown reason. Click it and press Add Medium to get a duplicate medium on your release track list editor now
  5. Remove first medium’s last tracks and second medium’s first tracks

And voilà! :yum: Submit your edit with a nice note.


Very nice! Thanks for the procedure; works great!

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@jesus2099 Works great. You can even split it multiple times.
It seems that removing the no more needed tracks from bottom-up is much faster then from top-down. No idea what could be the reason.

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I would guess that MB renumbers all the tracks below the one you deleted, which might take a couple of seconds.

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This method works fine with a tracklist of up to 60 tracks (roughly) Anything bigger, and the time to remove tracks ‘top down’ is a time consuming action. What would help is a simple check box and ‘remove all selected’.

Because when you don’t remove the last track, the renumbering has to be done on each track following the removed track.
When you remove the first track, the most possible tracks are processed.
Maybe it could be optimised…

It could be because of the peek() function called many times in: