Is there an Android app?

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I need to update data to 8000 tracks on my mobile. 99% done by Windows media player but might need a few updates and I want to add some more CDs as and when. WMP no longer supports meta data so looking for an alternative way to add/update data which is on my phone. Is there an Android app that can do this? Not fussed about the player because I use Google music

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MusicBrainz for Android isn’t available anymore from what I know, but that’s was only an app for viewing MB data nothing to add/update data.

@amCap1712 is working on a new MusicBrainz Android app which might also have/get some Picard/tagging features. Come on IRC and poke him if you want to help (beta) test the new app. :slight_smile:


Seconding the comming online to help beta test the app part.
Right now, the core functionality of the search and lookup parts are done - amcap is now working on the tagging functionality 😺

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