Is there a way to move tracks between media without loosing the artist tagging?

I’ve done a couple of edits recently where I moved multiple tracks from one media to another to either correct a mistake or consolidate from a multi-disk release to a digital release.

I’m aware of the Track Parser, and using that to quickly copy-paste tracks between media, but it looses the artist match. For an album with a single artist, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but for compilation albums where each track has a different artist - or multiple artists - it’s a tedious and error-prone process.

I feel like there could be a more straightforward way to handle this - either have the track parser automatically reconnect the artist, or perhaps let the track Up and Down arrows move tracks between media rather than just within a single media.

Or, is this already possible and I just missed it?

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My method is to Add Medium > Existing Medium, search for your CD1, added as CD2 duplicaet.
Now remove CD1 last tracks and remove CD2 first tracks.
Voilà, you have split CD1 into smaller CD1 + CD2.

You can duplicate CD1 many times if you need to split in more than 2 CD.


Cool, I didn’t know about that, so that handles the one media -> multiple media route.

Do you know of an alternative for going the other direction and consolidating multiple media into a single one?

Ach, no. I never need this way so I don’t know.
And I doubt there is a shortcut for this way, especially for Artist Credits…

Sort of :wink:, as long as the recordings are the same and the credits are on the recording and not the release. Same as above but use the track parser to add the tracks of Medium2 to Medium1, then go to the Recording tab and copy the link location of each recording from Medium2 to their new recording position on Medium1, that links the recordings to that track. Once done remove Medium2. Its a bit of work but cuts down on the errors.

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