Is there a standard way to group film scores by franchise?

I’d like to tag my Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi (etc.) soundtracks so I can create a “Star Wars” smart playlist.

My first thought is to just do something that “works for me” like Franchise=“Star Wars” and Episode=4… but is there a “proper” set of tags to use for such things?

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You could (I think) make a Series of Release Groups.

This looks like the height of propriety to me.

edit: Your thread title says scores but your post says soundtracks. If you really mean scores then it might be a Series of a Series of Works.

I have used folksonomy tags to track franchises before. Said tags can organize across different entity types.
I did create a JIRA ticket a few years ago to add “Franchise” as an entity type, but as of this writing it has gone nowhere.


VGMdb has the best Franchise system, I think.
You should be able to link a Franchise to any kinds of entities.

I don’t know if we should call it Franchise, though. It sounds quite like McDonald’s and highly commercial crap stuff like that.
Maybe it should be called Topic or Theme or Category… or Franchise if it’s what people are used to (I’m not really used to this, but I’m not using English in daily life).
Don’t know.

By the way, maybe let’s just use tags, they are already available.
As suggested by a comment in the above ticket, linking to

Franchise Tag example from another topic: Tag “star wars” - MusicBrainz :slight_smile:

Is this actually a question for the MusicBrainz database, or a question for your own files? I have plenty of proprietary tag fields in my own files that would be impossible to be stored in MusicBrainz.

There is not really a “proper” tag for franchise. The 2 most popular approaches I have seen are,

  1. The “Grouping” field as written by iTunes (also known as “Content Group”)
  2. Repurposing the “Album Artist” field to contain the franchise as a fake artist
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