Is there a place for songs from the YouTube Audio Library in the MusicBrainz data base?

In their Audio Library, YouTube offers a selection of music that is free to use in videos uploaded to their site.

Through the use by various creators on YouTube, some of these songs have become very popular (example), but often are not released anywhere else but in the Audio Library.

I’m wondering if there is a place in MusicBrainz to catalogue these tracks. Sadly, very little information on the music is given (missing a release date and sometimes even artist).

I’m neither an expert in the YouTube Audio Library nor in MusicBrainz, but I would be interested to hear whether music from this library should, and in what way, included here. Thanks!

You could add them as standalone recordings with stream for free links (without the video attribute) to the youtube “videos”.
Then you could link these recordings via a series.