Is the editing possible only using physical carrier(cd,..)? what about new type of internet releases?

Long time ago I tried to gather a lot of music recordings based on my own preferences and mainly for personal use. As I did it without adequate programming skills but tried to use some tricks to keep organized. It was really time consuming and exhausting, but very explorative as I suppose everyone will agree(and what is the best part of the experience). Before the computer-cd age it must have been even a bigger struggle. Respect :slight_smile:
I suppose my collection of cds wouldnt be useful for this database but I will doublecheck. As I personally prefer service like grooveshark which was closed down unfortunatelly there are too many not good enogh options today especially to keep all personal favorable music at one place as also having even troubles even finding the right “store” where to buy that music. Quite frustrating despite todays possibilities(with almost everything awailable but not organized enough). Maybe thats why I also want to help build the “complete database” so it can suite users, commercial subjects and music industry without unnecessary limitations. As

  1. As the main goal is to gather most or try not miss any recordings is it possible to edit also songs not owned privately but that can be found on the internet? Whats the main “tag” to look for? Can they be edited or inserted until verified later?

  2. I see many new artist “releasing” their records on soundcloud, found some great songs on music make jam(not the main application but their extra web page for songs that can be registrated in some way for commercial use), or from other sources. What kind of atributes do these tracks need or when are they eligable for editing? I expect they must be registered in some way of course.


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You can add any and all recordings to musicbrainz, whether on CD or digital!

Feel free to add soundcloud recordings, for instance. Anything that has been ‘released’ is eligible, including any really weird distribution methods you can think of. Then you decide whether you want to add the track/s as a release or as a standalone recording.

The only thing that needs to be done is for you to add them - verification and registration etc isn’t required. The community can vote and comment on your edits, and make changes if they like, but that is the extent of it. I have subscribed to your edits so I can take a look :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any other questions here!


Hi @aerozol, I dont have any yet. I wonder if I can even find any CDs to doublecheck the database. I would more concentrate on recordings not on the list. I just wonder how can I edit them if they are not bought or from veryfied source. Well it seems this page can handle it what is great. Unfortunatelly and its a shame I dont collect neither develop further anymore any recordings as mentioned before for reasons mentioned above. Basically only youtube and radios hopefully untill there will be a real sollution securing ALL my favourite tracks and will give me good music exploration possibilities. Everything else is like going to flee market with a payment in advance. I guess it can help the editor to explore at least despite not solving the needs and also this way I can help to prevent the loss of recordings that deserve credit(all do to some extent) .thnx

Feel free to add what you can find.
The notability requirement is generally “it must exist” so if you can find someone on soundcloud and want to add thair information to musicbrainz go ahead.
It also does not need to be music, Feel free to add audio books, radio drama’s etc

When adding artists please add the url’s for sound cloud, facebook, twitter etc.
You can add recordings on thair own not associated with a release or create a release and add the recordings to it. If you are going to add a release for every recording I would set the release status to “Promotional” instead of “official” for soundloud recordings to distinguish it from commercial releases.
You can add a url relationships to recordings so include the link to soundcloud with the type “Streamed for free”.


With digital music you just change the Medium. Instead of selecting CD you select Digital Media when adding the tracks. Otherwise it is treated exactly the same as physical media. As @dns_server points out, remember to leave a link to where that music can be found.

An example here:

That album is on Bandcamp. Can be streamed from there and\or purchased for download. No CDs, but the presence of the website is enough proof for MB.

In fact, I found this album on MB when cataloguing some Cure albums. The links to the source meant I could go track it down. I bought it and a few other curiosities at the same time as they were all on a “pay what you want” rate. I like that “pay what you want” idea as I can pay a small fee to listen. If I like it, then next time I buy from them I pay more based on how good I think their previous work is.

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Thnx @dns_server @IvanDobsky. I get it pretty much and will use these examples later when editing.

I think its a good enough proof for editing but what if the internet link gets deleted(whatever reason, maybe renaming song, violation of posting,…). I like the advice to mark it as promotional or something as I dont want to add some “garbage”.I think this way it can be more easily overchecked later on or tracked down if needed.I understand its almost impossible to have everything 100 percent but really dont want to make more mess, rather use setup thats efficient.’s way back machine helps with dead links.
They have been backing up the internet since 2001 so you can usually go back in time to look for things that have been deleted from the internet.
You can make sure something is indexed by by looking up the page to trigger the bot to go and index a fresh copy but that should not be needed.