Is "montage" the same as "audio engineer"?

CD cover gives role of a person who participates in creating the CD as “montage”. Is this the same as “audio engineer” available in the drop-down box when creating a relationship?

To give a context: the same CD gives for two other persons roles “artistic direction” (which I understand to be a producer) and “engineer”.

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That’s not a credit I’ve seen. From its usage in other contexts, I would expect “montage” to be more like “editor” than “audio engineer”. Assuming that it doesn’t refer to the Yamaha Montage synthesizer.

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please be a little more descriptive about the cd and the exact text.

How it is used in a sentence and type of disc we are talking about may help us help you.

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Also depends on who it is and the CD.
Montage can also be some photo montage for the package art.

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According to the text below, not a producer or engineer.
Although, again, it really depends on the usage. I once recorded with an artist. I played guitar, they credited me a producer.

This is one CD from 29-CD box of Georg Philipp Telemann (XVIII-century German composer). The box contains CDs with recordings made by various performers, producers, etc. Each CD in the box has it’s own notes on the CD cover. This particular CD contains the following (after performers):

Artistic direction: Florian Heyerick - Mongage: Luc Vaes - Engineer: Gilbert Steurbaut

There are no photo montage or any complicated graphics on the CD cover, it is just text on a simple background, so it is definitely not about photo montage as jesus2099 supposed.

I am not a native English speaker, that’s why I am asking :slight_smile: Regarding the “artistic director” I followed notes left on one of my earlier edits stating that “artistic direction” is the same as producer:

Was that note wrong?

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