Is it possible to import a recording from Discogs?

I don’t find this one anywhere in here?

Yes, import releases from Discogs using userscripts… any idea what they are?

Maybe I just do this one for you while you learn the rest of the tricks. :wink:

As this is a bootleg of two albums I guess that is why it is not in MB

Done. That would have been a bit of a headache to do as one of your first imports. LOL


Userscripts - you need to install Violent Monkey first:

Then add this script to import release from Discogs:

Now Discogs not only has an Import Button in the interface, but it is covered in little pink dots that link into MusicBrainz’s database. Real handy. Makes it a “companion site” of MusicBrainz

Warning - import still needs you to select a Release Group and fix the Capitals (Guess Case button). Big time saver though. It does the typing for you, you just need to check it. (And select Recordings)

And for the images you need this one: About | Image Max URL | Userscripts | OpenUserJS

That puts some Import buttons onto the MB Release Cover Art pages. (Assuming there is already a link to Discogs from that release).

Can also copy\paste link URLs straight into the box. As well as pull artwork from many sources.

I was having a nose into your edit history. I think you’ll like this artwork tool especially. Oh - and thanks for all those links to the source of artwork. Not enough people do that.

The above import was done using these tools, with the main time eater being attempting to link the Recordings as search could not locate them due to the bad quality of track names on Discogs. I had to copy\paste each recording link manually from the two bootlegs it is a compilation of…


Thanks a bunch!!! :slight_smile:


But don’t forget to check a bit before importing as there as there are often errors on Discogs :slight_smile:
Basic ones being the release year and tracks orders on Shellacs.


A good example is how badly named the tracks on that above album are at Discogs. A very messy import which didn’t match the titles on the cover. The more obscure a release is, the less likely Discogs will have had enough eyes on it to fix the errors.

And you ALWAYS have to hit the < Guess Case > button As They Have To Have Caps On Everything Over There.