How to separate a release from a group?

  1. A release which combines releases from several other release groups into one new release should be a separate release group. This includes box sets and “2 in 1” releases.

I want to remove from The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album release group (which is currently also misnamed) as it contains both that record and Together Again (Release group “Together Again” by Tony Bennett and Bill Evans - MusicBrainz) with bonus material. How to do it?

Also, I couldn’t find how to change the release year for a whole group without adding another release? For example, I want to change the release year for Release group “Bill Evans With Symphony Orchestra” by Bill Evans - MusicBrainz to 1966, is there a way to do it without adding a 1966 release?

Open the release editor to change the release group. You can paste the URL/MBID or search manually



The trick is to use an import script and import one from Discogs. Do you want Stereo or Mono and I’ll do one for you?

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Thanks for the quick replies, guys. I think I submitted the changes for the Tony Bennett/Bill Evans comp successfully.

As for the other one, Stereo is fine. Could you point me to the script in question so that I can learn myself, too?


Do you already use “userscripts”? Or do I need to explain violentmonkey to you?

You still need to do some edits - setting language, type, etc. Also fix the caps in the track list.

But this is a nice quick way to add an earliest release.


I’ll take you up on that, if it’s cool with you.

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As in all the best recipes - here is one I made earlier…

Or in pictures (a different script, but you should get the details)

Userscripts can be great at automating tasks… but always need to be checked. They can be a massive time saver, or they can make a huge mess in equal levels. Never trust 'em to be perfect.


To add to that, when importing from Discogs, track capitalization normally needs to be changed as they capitalize all the words over there. You’ll also find misspellings occasionally, track length differences, or the wrong artist credited for a release. I’ll often use Discogs to seed the information for a new MB release, then I verify as much as I can with cover art or the cd.


Awesome. Thanks so much, fellas. Will start reading up!