Is it correct to merge the same soundtrack entities from different games?

There is a lot of Project Diva games and there is a lot of soundtrack releases of it on MusicBrainz, but they are not properly tagged, so a lot of “unlinked-between-each-other” recordings have spawned, for example:

A lot of those songs intersect between games, a lot of those songs are exact copies of album versions by the authors of these songs (except for when explicitly said it is a “Game Version”).

Is it correct to merge the “I-Have-No-Reason-To-Think-Those-Two-Songs-Are-Not-The-Same-Thing” recordings even if they technically belong to different games soundtracks or even other music albums?
I referred to the wiki page, but I am not sure it covers my case. Trying this merge as an example:


If the contents are the same, same mix, then yes, they should be merged.


In MusicBrainz terminology, you are talking about Recordings, not “soundtrack entities”

In MusicBrainz, a Soundtrack is a collection of recordings or works.