Is Amazon streaming old CDs a separate digital release?

Amazon offers many old CDs as streams or mp3 for purchase. Does it qualifies for a separate digital release?

Let’s take an example. A CD was released in 1991, and it is still sold on Amazon as a physical media:

The same music is also sold on Amazon as streaming or as mp3 downloads with a different ASIN:

What is the current policy: should we consider the streaming / mp3 to be a separate digital release?

If a separate digital release is in order, what is the release label for a digital release in such case: is it still the original label which released the CD in 1991, or is it Amazon? A similar question for the release date: is it the same for the digital release as for the original CD (1991), or is it the date when streaming of this CD was offered by Amazon?

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Yup! :slight_smile:

The given label, in this case: “Label: Decca”

The actual release date of the digital release, in this case seemingly “Release Date: May 31, 2011”


Although the ASIN for a physical release appears to be the same on Amazon sites for different countries, this is not the case for a digital release (or should we say “releases”?). Each Amazon site has a different ASIN, usually with a different label and release date:

Germany:, label “Decca”, release date February 18, 2011
France:, label “Universal Music Division Classics Jazz”, release date September 1, 2012
Italy:, label “Universal Music Italia srL.”, release date November 2, 2010
Spain:, label “Universal Music Spain S.L.”, release date November 2, 2010
UK:, label “Decca (UMO)”, release date November 2, 2010
US:, label “Decca”, release date May 31, 2011

It looks like if one wants to be absolutely precise, many separate digital releases are required, one for each Amazon site.