Is AllMusic & Amazon metadata reciprocal?

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Hey guys and gals,
I’m interested in narrowing down a release date for this particular release, which is listed as October 25th, 1990 on AllMusic. Upon inserting this date into the edit I am warned that the date in question is a common bogus release date used by Amazon. My question is: whether or not AllMusic and Amazon share Metadata or does anyone know if AllMusic executes the same practice?


Looking at the Discogs page, the year is now given as 1996. The history here suggests that it was changed on Discogs at some point, but I can’t find the history there to see if there was some reason beyond the matrix date. Either way, that does seem to suggest AllMusic is just using a default date.


I’ve seen that as well and have my doubts about the matrix representing the manufacture date. It does indeed seem that AllMusic utilizes a default date of October 25th, 1990 as I have just come across this album with the same date:

Although, it is an album by the same artist so they both could have been part of a batch reissue.