Is a video with subtitles a different recording?

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i’ve added a few bootleg releases from brazil (release 1, release 2) and both of them have a dvd with two versions of the film. track 1 is just the regular film, and the second track is the exact same film but with subtitles in portuguese. should these really be different recordings or are they similar enough to be considered the same by musicbrainz?

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Same question can be extended to different languages, 2.0 vs 5.1 audio, etc. Generally a DVD Video gets added once as the video. Then add notes about languages and subtitles into the annotation.

I generally make up DVD track lists based on the count of ripped items cross referenced with the DVD menu.

Are you sure it’s not the same title and chapter, with subtitle track being enabled and disabled, like on all other DVD?*

Here you think they have burned the subtitles in the video itself, like on old VCD and LD?

Press your remote controller’s DISPLAY button to check if it’s the same title and chapter, with subtitle track enabled and disabled*, or really a different title or chapter.

* If it’s the same video with or without the standard DVD subtitle layer, there is no need to even list a track 02 in your second example.
I have not looked at the first example thoroughly.


i’m not sure about this since i don’t personally have the release myself, i found it on a purchase site. i did see photos of the dvd menu, and they are separate chapters so i would think it’s burned into the video, but i cannot confirm such. i have been able to find a version on youtube with the subtitles on-screen, if that means anything.


the photos can be seen here:


Usually, for sake of space on the DVD, the video will only be on there once. The menu will then toggle the embedded subtitles on and off.

I expect if you ripped this DVD you’d have a single video with selectable subtitles. Similar to how languages work on a DVD. Otherwise you’d rapidly use up space on the disk.

DVDs keep subtitles and multi-language audio as separate data on the DVDs and combine with the video image when requested.

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