iPhone apps that use MusicBrainz?

I just discovered this awesome community! I am wondering if there are any iPhone apps that make use of the MB database. In particular there is a persistent problem with album art on iPhones (search for it) and as a long time software engineer, I’m ready to jump in with a solution if one doesn’t exist. The problem is on the iPhone not on the master database in macOS (or Windows).


Hello @mek363 !

Great to hear about your interest in the iOS apps. I kicked off the idea a few months back but we had decided to focus on the android app for now because the team has few app developers. If iOS is your forte, I would love for us to move ahead and develop the app.

You can have a look at GitHub - metabrainz/musicbrainz-ios: iOS App of MusicBrainz and help me with the features. The codebase uses SwiftUI, MVVM architecture and DI.

We also have plans to develop a LIstenBrainz iOS app soon.
Let’s connect on IRC and discuss further work. You can ping me on the IRC #metabrainz channel.

Thank you! Look forward to working together and happy to review your PRs starting now.