Invalid iTunes references

It is not uncommon for a valid iTunes reference to become invalid. An example is here:

The iTunes reference on this release is not longer valid. I considered removing the reference, but that reference has historical meaning. The ID used, although no longer active, has reference embedded to media files from anyone who acquired it.

My question would be how to handle these references. I do not think complete removal is wise, but it is also not valid as a reference anymore either. Meaning, when there is a reference for a release, the link is expected to work, otherwise I would assume the common thought to be remove the reference and replace it with something valid.


You may edit this relationship where you check the ended option. You can also set the start and/or the end dates if you know either one of them.
Then you may add the new iTunes link. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I missed that feature. I have done this edit, although I do not think it will help the issue. There is no clear indication when editing the release that this reference is no longer valid, but is historical. Yes, it does mark it as ended, but there is nothing to caution future editors from just deleting it as invalid.


Maybe replace with the latest page:

See also:


I prefer leaving the normal url with ended flag. I have a script that links to the web archive in that case.

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@jesus2099- could you provide more on that script? I have a few iTunes releases that are no longer available. I have tried searching the album ID and there is no reference on iTunes to it anymore, and the specifics of the release are no longer there either.

Here is a link to one I have just added to be used as an example:

It’s called “mb. ALL LINKS”. :slight_smile:

See this other related more general discussion:

Unfortunately, I checked and there are no snapshots of the page. But it is good information for future use. Thanks.